Outdoor Lighting in Antioch, IL

Need assistance with outdoor lighting in Antioch, IL? One of the best ways to display your Antioch home is to call Mike’s Landscape Lighting for outdoor lighting installation. Our experienced professionals have installed every style, shape, and size of outdoor lighting and we know it will add the perfect complement to your landscape. You have worked hard and made a large investment in your home.  You keep it beautiful and well-maintained and you want your home to be a reflection of you! Keep it well-lit with the help of Mike’s Landscape Lighting!

At Mike’s Landscape Lighting, we believe that you should be allowed to feature your home in the evening hours as well as in the daytime hours. Bringing in Mike’s Landscape Lighting to your Antioch home will ensure that the job is done right, that the results are both beautiful and functional, and that everyone can enjoy the effort and the investment you have put in your home, day or night.  Contact us today for all of your outdoor lighting needs!

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Our Lighting Projects

Take a look at our lighting gallery to see some of our past work!

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