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Do I Need A Transformer For Outdoor Lighting?

Do I need a transformer for outdoor lighting? Well, if you’re asking this question, then you’re likely ready to get started with your landscape lighting project! Now, you may be considering installing your outdoor lighting yourself and plan to buy the various parts for your lighting online. STOP! While it may seem simple enough to set up your low-voltage lighting system, we strongly suggest that you contact Mike’s Landscape Lighting before you start making any purchases. We know the low-voltage lighting industry, which parts and systems work the best, and which transformer, timer, or photocell you need to ensure your lighting system is set up properly and getting you the best result possible. That being said, let’s look at transformers.

Do I Need A Transformer for Safe Outdoor Lighting?

The short answer here: YES! The transformer is the main component for distributing safe voltage to all of your landscape lights. Each transformer consists of many electronic components that work together to step down your home’s 120V system down to the 12V needed to power your landscape lights. However, not all transformers are built the same! Each transformer manufacturer makes their transformers with different ratings. You need to choose a transformer that offers the proper wattage for the number of landscape lighting fixtures that you choose to use in your design. If you choose landscape lights that require 300 watts (six pathway lights that each need 50 watts, for example), you will need a transformer that can handle AT LEAST 300 watts, but you would likely want to overshoot that wattage by 100-200 watts to give your system room for expansion and ensure the load is not maxed out at all times.

Sound complex? That’s why it’s best to work with a professional landscape lighting service like Mike’s Landscape Lighting! We want to help you to ensure that you have the right transformer for your outdoor lighting needs and that your setup is installed properly and with safety first and foremost. Contact us today to get started on your outdoor lighting project!