Looking for Flood Lights Installation in Evanston?

Mike’s Landscape Lighting is the perfect company for the job. We offer over 20 years of experience in designing and installing flood lights for both commercial properties and private homes. With our owner, Mike Long, being a certified landscape lighting designer and a national award-winning designer, your exterior lighting will be a beautiful sight to see in your neighborhood.

Fully-Customized Flood Lights

Adding or upgrading flood lights to your home exterior will add a subtle, yet beautiful additional shine to your property. With our highly qualified staff, we will work with you to design the lighting you are looking for. Mike’s Landscape Lighting treats each customer as their only customer and works in tandem with you on designing a customized look that will “wow” your guests. Not only will we design your flood lights, we will provide the wiring for your lighting systems as well. Your safety is a top priority and we work diligently to make certain the wiring won’t lead to a dangerous situation. Lastly, after the design and wiring are complete, we will install your flood lights.

Beauty as well as Safety

Outdoor lighting is one of the most cost-effective approaches to add value and curb appeal to your home.  With Mike’s Landscape Lighting’s keen eye, your exterior lighting will make your home appear more beautiful than ever! Our wide variety of services can meet all of your flood light needs and enhance the details of your home to a majestic glow that you will admire for years to come.

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Not only do floodlights add beauty to your home, they also add safety and security. It has been proven that when intruders see lights on a home, they will avoid that home and move on to a darker home. You can rest easy knowing that your home is safe. With adding exterior lighting, you will also get the benefit of extending your time outdoors. You and your visitors can enjoy time by the pool, hot tub, deck or garden into the later night hours without having to worry about returning indoors due to the lack of lighting outside. Being able to see your sidewalks, make for a safe stroll at night.

If you are looking for one of the best flood lights installations in Evanston, give Mike’s Landscape Lighting a call today! We look forward to transforming your home exterior into a utopia of tranquility.

Our Lighting Projects

Take a look at our lighting gallery to see some of our past work!

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