Security Lighting Installation in Lake Forest, IL

Feel Safer at Home no Matter What Time of Day it is

Your home is where you spend the most time relaxing. If your home is not well lit, it can be hard to be fully comfortable during dusk and nighttime hours. Mike’s Landscape Lighting installs quality security lighting around your home’s exterior to help deter unwanted guests. Don’t let that one dark corner of your yard or the dimly lit alley between your house and garage keep you antsy. Having a well-lit yard and home will help keep intruders away and make you feel more at ease all day long! Mike’s Landscape Lighting is proud to provide security lighting installation in Lake Forest, IL! Don’t wait for those long, dark summer nights – call today to schedule your security lighting set up!

Security Lighting Installation in Lake Forest, IL

Our lighting technicians will work with you at Mike’s Landscape Lighting, to find and light up any dark and hidden areas around your home. While walking around your property, any hidden spots or far corners where lights won’t reach in the dark are good areas to install security lights. Look out your windows from your home and take note of any areas in your yard that are hard to see from inside. Installing lighting in these spots will give you a sense of safety that you can see all that goes on around your home.

If you have a larger property, especially for those who have large wooded areas in their yard, lighting your perimeter is a great start to deter any intruders before they even get to your home.

Consider setting your security lights up on a timer. If you aren’t home or you forget to turn them on before the sun goes down, timed lights will do the work for you! Your house will be well lit and secure when you come home late at night. Not only will it make you feel welcomed upon arrival, but timed security lights will make it seem like someone is home, which will discourage potential intruders!

Why choose Mike’s for your security light installations?

At Mike’s Landscape Lighting, we design an installation plan specific to your home and property needs. We walk with you to make sure you are having every important or hidden area well lit. Mike’s is proud to serve Lake Forest, IL with professional security light installations! Let us put our years of experience to use to keep your home and family safe with high-quality security lighting systems!

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Our Lighting Projects

Take a look at our lighting gallery to see some of our past work!

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