Security Lighting in Big Bend

Safe and Secure with Security Lighting in Big Bend

Lighting is a great way to showcase your home, add flare to your trees, bushes, flower beds, waterfalls… etc. but most importantly, to provide security for your residence or business. Invaders are deterred by well-lit areas and property or by surprise lighting upon approach. Nothing grabs a better video then good lighting.  Put your lighting on timers to give the appearance of being home and possibly awake (at any hour). We offer a full line of various lighting to brighten shadowed or dimmed areas. Invaders (animal or human) tend to stay away from well-lit areas at night to avoid detection. Even a home that has good lighting can be a target, if lighting is not well-placed and/or maintained. Don’t give them a reason to scope out your home, contact us at Mike’s Landscape Lighting to install your security lighting.

Where to Place Security Lighting

Many think that if they have a few lights on and a few well-lit areas, that should be enough to keep away burglars or other invaders. Our expert lighting technicians have years of experience designing for your safety and security. Along with a great design we also offer maintenance plans so that your lighting stays fresh, working, and continues to keep your home secure. Some seasons, trees may be more full and require more lighting, while other times of the year, lighting placement may need to be adjusted. Before beginning the installation process our experts take all of that into account, search for potential points of entry, and provide you with an analysis that gives you the best security lighting design for your space. Having an outdoor space that is easily visible from inside, makes it more difficult for intruders to hide.

Recommendations on how to light the perimeter of your property will also be included in the assessment and recommendations. Making your home and property visible is one of the best defenses you can have against unwanted “guests.”

Lastly, we can put all of this on a timer for you to have going whether you are home, awake, or not.

Why Choose Us? Mike speaks…

Mike’s Landscape Lighting is constantly seeking to perfect our craft by reading and learning industry knowledge, attending training, becoming certified and just by having an overall love for the field of lighting design. My expert technicians and designers are continuously growing in this industry.

And we hold true to our core values

  • We do what we say we are going to do
  • We believe it, respect it, and we own it
  • We are here to serve professionally (and happily!)

I am a national award-winning lighting designer ready to serve you! How can we help you?

–Mike Long, COLD, CLVLT

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Security Lighting in Big Bend, Home lighting near me, Safety lighting near me

Our Lighting Projects

Take a look at our lighting gallery to see some of our past work!

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