Outdoor Event Lighting in Winnetka, IL

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Outdoor Event Lighting by Mike’s Landscape Lighting

If you are in need of outdoor event lighting in Winnetka, IL Mike’s Landscape Lighting is the company for you! Our professional staff make any event look exquisite and enchanting, dazzling your guests. Whether it is a backyard gathering, wedding, company party, etc. our designers work with you to create the picture perfect setting for your event.

Outdoor Party Accent Lighting

Outdoor parties are a fun way to celebrate with friends and family while also enjoying nature. What better way to enjoy your party landscape than by adding the perfect accent lighting. Our team is skilled in finding the right angles and locations to make your landscape look the most desirable. You and your guests will feel tranquility and excitement by the beauty of the outdoor landscape and accent lighting. We can also install outdoor speakers to give you the final touches to your party.

Quality Outdoor Event Lighting

Mike’s Landscape Lighting comes to you with over 20 years of designing and installing outdoor lighting experience. We have worked in countless landscaping settings and are skilled at installing lights safely and precisely to give you the look you have envisioned. We offer a multitude of services. From pathway lighting and pool lighting to accent lighting and security lighting, we are the company you can trust to get the job done right! If you are unsure of what type of outdoor lighting you need, contact us today! We would be happy to help design a lighting layout and at an affordable price.

Check out “Mike’s Bright Ideas” for more information on outdoor lighting.

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outdoor event lighting winnetka, winnetka outdoor event lighting, mike's outdoor event lighting

Our Lighting Projects

Take a look at our lighting gallery to see some of our past work!

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